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The Samsung Galaxy Tablet E 9.6 was announced June, 2015 and released on July 2015. When repairing this device, a few basic tools available from ifixit.com will be necessary. Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 is available as 8GB or 16 GB versions, expandable by micro SD. It was sold in two colors: Pearl White and Metallic Black.

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Why can't I hear any sound from my Samsung Galaxy E9.6 Tablet?

My tablet has gone completely mute and I'm not sure why. I've checked the obvious things but nothing seems out of place. The last time it did make any sound the audio was really distorted.

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Before taking your device a part, I would encourage you to check your settings. My tablet went mute one time and it was because my 3-years daughter. It is not only medicine that we need to keep out of reach from children but also our technology.

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