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Das Samsung Galaxy S4, Modell i9505, ist mit einer 13 Megapixel Rückkamera und einem 5 Zoll 1080p Display ausgestattet.

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"about:blank" Pages keep opening with Chrome!

Hey all,

I'm not overly sure when this issue started, but I do know that in the few years I have had my Galaxy S4, this is definitely a new one.

Every time I open Chrome, it opens an "about: blank" page. This happens even when I had the app open only a moment ago and was browsing the web.

Block Image

Uninstalling Chrome doesn't work, I clean temp files on a daily basis, and I'm completely at a loss.

It's certainly not detrimental to my phone's lifespan, but it is annoying. Has anyone else run into this and solved the issue? Thanks in advance.

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I suspect you need to reset your homepage in your Chrome preferences.

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