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An updated edition of the Samsung Galaxy S II released in 2013 identifiable by the model number GT-I9105/P.

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Samsung Galaxy S II Plus i9105 doesn't turn on - black screen

Hello everybody, I've got a beautiful S2 PLUS i9105 in my hands... but it doesn't turn on. Actually the soft-buttons light turns on when I keep the power button pressed, but I don't know what does it mean. Before changing the motherboard or the display I need to troubleshot the exact problem first.

Once plugged the phone is recognized by my PC. I actually have access to all the data inside... So could it be the LCD display the issue?

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Problem solved. I've tried to swap the LCD with a i9100 one and it works. Unfortunately the touchscreen feedback is not working right, and it seems an hardware incompatibility.

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Hello ,yes it is right! That LCD from i9100 is not 100% compatible with the hardware-mainboard from i9015 Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus! although on the mainboard also i9100 / i9105 standsthat you have also noticed because the touchscreen does not function as it should! you have to buy one that is exactly for i9105!

Once again that Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 and that Samsung Galaxy S2 i9105 is not the same ! The Hardware and the LCD is differently!

Best regards ,


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