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The BLU Energy X Plus has a 5.5 ' HD display, 1GB ram, and an 8mp camera.

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I can't send a message

I can receive a message and I can reply to the message received, but if I try to originate a new message I get the message "sending disabled". Problem: I can't originate a new message.

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I'd look at several things:

1. Check in your settings & see what app is your default app for messaging. You should be able to switch it to the one you want to use.

2. Check to see if airplane mode is on.

3. Check & make sure your mobile data is on & active.

What about phone calls, are you able to make & receive calls?

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1. app is Messenger. I've also tried Messenger for Android, Hangouts and Messaging.

2. airplane is off

3. mobile data is on and active

4. I can make and receive phone calls. I can receive and reply to messages just not originate a message.

I've sent a message to Blu Products Service. I'll post if I get a reply. Thank you, Danielle for your suggestions.


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