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The Wii U is a video game console paired with a handheld device made by Nintendo that allows users to play games on the GamePad. Repairing the console is straightforward as the device is very modular.

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How to remove striped screws from wii u

Hey guys,

So while opening up my wii u, I ran into a problem with these screws here. I can't remove them and have tried over a dozen different screw drivers before they got stripped D: Any way to remove these?? I've tried using the rubber band trick and it doesn't work. Is it too late and should I get another wii u?

Block Image

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Hi there! There are plenty of tricks you can do in order to get out stripped screws. First, please see our guide on how to do it. There are also tools available in the shop just for this purpose. Good luck and keep us posted!

Precision Screw Extractor Set Bild


Precision Screw Extractor Set


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