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The Dell Latitude E6400 was Dell's mainstream corporate 14.1" notebook introduced in August 2008.

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Will my battery and hard drive work for this computer?

I currently have a battery and a hard drive that came from my E6410 laptop. I was thinking about buying an E6400 but it doesn't come with a battery or hard drive. Could I just put the E6410 battery and hard drive into the E6400 and be fine? Or do I have to buy a new hard drive and battery? Thanks!

P.S: the battery is 11.1v and 90Wh

(I have no idea what that means...lol)

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this information from the Dell website. It looks as so the E6410 is compatible with the E6400 but not the other way around.

Manufacturer Part# : 4N369

Dell Part# : 312-0749

Compatible with the following systems:

Latitude E6400

Latitude E6400 ATG

Latitude E6410

Latitude E6410 ATG

Latitude E6500

Latitude E6510

Latitude E6520

Precision M2400

Precision M4400

Precision M4500

Yes, the hard drives are compatible. Just remember that you may need the OS disk to reinstall some of the drivers etc.

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