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General Motors' GMT400 platform.

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My service four wheel drive light came on n not shifting good

I had my transmission rebuilt and afterwards the car wouldn't start. That's fixed but then it was shifting through all gears before twenty miles an hour, iput anew computer in it and it fixed the sodding problem for aweek, now the service 4 wheel drive light is on and it is not shifting properly, it wants to almost act like you can't give it has at the shift points

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Try rebooting the new computer . you may not have let it setup properly when installed . Start by disconnecting the battery for a few hours while its unhooked turn your lights on to deplete any residual power that may keep the computer from doing a complete reboot . when you do restart the truck let it idle for 5 minutes without touching the gas at all. then take it for a drive . don't rev the motor and don't drive heavy footed . this is the break-in period for the computer so it knows normal drive perimeters . if this gives no joy . Who rebuilt the trans and who put it in . If it wasn't you I'd be talking to them . Hope this helps

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