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It was a six-wheeled tank with a front-mounted blue photon beam headlamp, and a keypad on top.

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Why won't it go straight,turns slightly

Can you tell me how to get my big trak to go in a straight line

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Is there any small rocks, debris etc in the tracks? Because the debris might slow down one of the tracks, therefore making the tracks unbalanced in power.

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do both drive wheels have the rubber intact? To me it sounds like one is missing. You could also have a motor that is a little lazy or debris on the magnet clutch in the gearbox.

If the rubber “tracks” on the drive wheels are intact, I would make it run for a while with the drive wheels off the ground and make it go thru a few “forward + 99” commands, and see if the clears the clutch and gets the gearbox to move more freely Aside from that a complete teardown and cleaning of the gear box, which is very involved.

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