New battery not charging. DC-in faint green light.

So I performed a major overhaul on my mid 2010 13" replacing the upper case, reapplying thermal paste, replacing the HDD with an SSD, and replaced the battery. Everything seems to have to gone without a hitch except that the battery will not charge when the magsafe adapter is connected. I get the message Battery is not Charging when I click on the icon.

Things I've tried:

-removing the battery and reinserting it a couple of times and no change.

-resetting the SMC (holding shift+control+option+pwr button while powered down) and no change

-resetting the PRAM (holding control+option+p+r+pwr button) did cause the battery to charge for a while (light turned orange, OS reported that battery was charging) but somewhere along the line it quit. I tried resetting the PRAM again and have had no luck.

So I'm wondering what the issue could be. Could it be the DC-in board?

I know that the upper case replacement I got had a logic board standoff that was out of place which I had to fight to get the wires in there. Could there be an issue there?

Appreciate any help on the matter

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