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Model A1001 or A1025 / 667, 800, 867, or 1.0 GHz G4 processor

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Can I use Bluetooth module 922-5764

I have purchased the for mentioned module, not knowing there was a difference ( if any ) between my Powerbook and a Powerbook g4 1ghz. Am I able to install the module or have I wasted my cash?

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my laptop is a Powerbook G$ Titanium DVI


Thanks, I was hoping that it would fit on the logic board somewhere. I know there rj11 board atached to the modem, which I don't use.


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As for the unused usb port and bluetooth, yes, it can be done. I modded an 867 Ti with a usb hub with bluetooth 3.0 and wifi N and yes, it does read in 10.4.11 just fine. sure, they are usb 1.1 spec, but both dongles get 500ma per device and they both connect and run just fine. As for fitting them into the laptop, i took out the old airport connector and the PCMCIA assemble, and they have lots of room. Taped down and electrical tape on the bottom cover to prevent electrical short.

*edit* proof it can be done


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Why not go with something like this: 802.11G Wifi +Bluetooth Wireless PCMCIA LAN CardBus I do remember someone had one that offered Mac OS-9/OS-X Leopard support (this one doesn't)


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Unfortunately, bluetooth is not supported on the Titanium DVIs.

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+ good


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There is an "unused" USB port in the location behind the left hinge. A guy from italy was able to solder the guts of a bluetooth module on that USB contacts and it worked.

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