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Das iPad Air 2 ist der noch schlankere Nachfolger des iPad Air. Es wurde am 16. Oktober 2014 angekündigt.

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My IPad screen is getting weird.

My IPad screen colour has gone extremely weird. Colour are becoming somewhat a bit negative (Negative colors are off) and colors look like they are slightly fading away. It is becoming a mix of greenish and pinkish but it is not a green static screen. Didn't drop it or anything and just bought it about a year ago. Slight marks of previously used apps and keyboard also stay on the screen even after I have exited the app. It went back to normal after a while but after 4 hours, it became weird again. Anyone knows the problem?

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Sounds like potential garbled video/distortion. Could try a 2 button reset and see if it improves.

From working on the Genius Bar, it's progressive and results in a unit replacement. So could need a logic board replacement worst case

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Tried resetting it around ten times, no improvement. Any idea how much a logic board replacement could cost?


Not entirely sure, check the iFixit store. Likely to be £200 upwards


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My Ipad screen is the sameeeeee!!! Helppppppp!!

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