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The aluminum PowerBook G4 was released by Apple to replace the previous titanium-body model. The 12" and 17" versions debutted in January 2003 with the 15" version following in September of that year.

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some letters on my keyboard are not responding

I installed a new hard drive and when I tried to installed the OS x, some of the letters on the keyboard were not responding. Does $#@&&! to do with the fact that maybe I connected the board incorrectly ?

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Sure. Just lift the keyboard and look in the socket (male and female) to see if they're is clean and then reseat it. You don't even need to screw the keyboard in to test it. A little tape helps hold it in place.

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I followed steps 1-6 from the ifixit manual on how to install 1.6 ghz hard drive of my powerbook g4 17" again because this was the only time where I manipulated the keyboard. I followed the steps again but only some of the keys work. Neither the delete key works. In your explanation do I need to do it as if I was going to change the keyboard? (I took a look at the manual but it seems I am getting into unscrewing things I did not mess around before. Can you be a little bit more specific of where to find the socket you mentioned? I will really appreciate it.


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I find it helps just to remove the battery then put back in again and reboot the computer.

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