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Repair guides and support for the Expedition, a full-size SUV based on Ford's F-150 pickup truck. Closely related to the Lincoln Navigator.

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Why does the transmission of my expedition break and go repeatedly?

The back wheels of my 1999 Ford Expedition break, then release then breaks again in a repeated cycle. I believe it's the transmission because I disconnected the breaks and it continued to do that. If so what can I do to try to fix this ?

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This sounds like a pinion gear in the rear end. to test this raise the rear end so both tires are off the ground then put the truck in neutral and spin the tires if there is a binding on every few revolutions this is your problem . Another test would be to crawl under and see if the drive shaft will move up and down at the yoke just by pushing on it , or if the rear end is wet from the seal leaking. Hope this helps

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