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Indicator only indicates left on 1992-2002 Isuzu Trooper?

Cars electrics aren't my thing but I'm willing to try and fix.... No right flasher, but hazards work so fuses are good it's just the indicator stalk. Can get stalk out of steering column and that's it! End of knowledge! We bought a replacement from scrappers to discover it inicates only right. Is there anyone who can shed some light (ho ho) on this?

Will start pulling spare apart in the meantime

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4 Antworten

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okey dokey. this is my best attempt at car speak. we already replaced the relay switch a month or so ago(was hidden but not difficult to remove) and still the same symptoms.

had a sunny, freezing autumn day to spare so have attacked "the stalk". easy. took a photo or 2 in case i decide to make a go of the other one. basically the switch is an anchor shape with a spring and ballbearing on the centre of the anchor. The arms of the anchor make contact with the wire contacts for the left or right light. one side of the anchor shape had flattened allowing the ball bearing to fall out. the spring was still exerting enough pressure to make contact on the other side. so... bent up the anchor arm, put ballbearing back, screwed everything back in- voila! No more sticking arm out window for traffic signals!

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Being super-tall, I have always liked the Trooper for its roominess.

I've never owned one, but I have repaired indicator stalks on other cars.

Do not be fooled by thinking it is just the stalk.

Sometimes it is a faulty indicator relay. This may either be separate from the hazard relay, or a secondary set of contacts on it.

On some vehicles the relay is impossible to get at inside the dash. In older cars it used to be under the hood/bonnet on the firewall - much easier.

My plan would be to check the wiring harness on the old and replacement stalk to find the common and L and R contacts.

Then use a jumper wire directly into where the stalk connector would plug in. Be very careful here. Safety glasses, no bare skin. Burns and sparks! Use 18 gage (thick) insulated wire and heavy alligator clips. Or salvage pins from a similar connector - we don't want you welding and wrecking the connector by mistake.

If turn indicator still does not work with jumper, then it may indeed be the relay. Report back, I'd like to hear how this goes. Either way it is a fun way to spend an Autumn Sunday. You'll learn a lot and I bet you will succeed in fixing it. Best wishes.

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it is likly to be the relay that needs replacing very little cost

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I have a 1992 trooper. It has a black switch assembly that I have not been able to locate. Even if I could, I couldn't afford the atrocious price which I've seen for selector switch assemblies.

The arm which I move to select right or left has a ball and spring which should contact the right or left contact. There is nothing inside which the selector arm moves to make contact. Is there something which just wears out and drops out or has someone been there before me?

Can I buy a repair kit for this problem?

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Please, someone help me!!!!


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