Charge light on, but battery will not take charge

Here's the whole story about my question that hopefully someone can answer.

This blue 3DS I've been working on will turn on with a battery fully charged. While the 3DS is on I plug the device in, the charge light comes on, the system shows it's charging the battery but when I leave it to charge, the battery actually drains like normal. I saw this after pulling the charge plug to find it had dropped one bar of power.

I've also noticed that if the 3DS is off and I plug the device in to charge, the charge light shuts off after 5 seconds.

I've checked over the fuses and looked at the charge port, they're fine and I don't see any cold solder joints. I'm at a bit of a lose here as to why the battery will not charge in the system. I've also tested the battery in another 3DS (that's worthless) and it will take a charge from that 2nd, red, 3DS.

So I seem to have a very odd situation here where a perfectly working battery will charge in other 3DS' but will not charge in the blue 3DS. Any ideas or suggestions for this problem?

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