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HP's 7" tablet released in April 2013 with a few upgrades over the first iterations. Repair for this device is similar to that of other Android tablets, requiring only screwdrivers and a prying tool. Available as 8 or 16 GB / Red or Silver.

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Power on/off button doesn't work

Hi i have HP Slate7, which is working fine just the power button is not doing the job of turning on or off. how can we fix it?

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You may simply be looking at a worn-out power button. iFixIt has a repair guide all about fixing this exact issue. Take a look-see at this HP Slate 7 4601 Front Screen Replacement repair guide for the how-to. Or, if it's an HP Slate 7 Plus, it may be a bit tougher to fix however, here's a post about a possibly similar issue: My tablet can't be turned on even after charged.

If those links do not help, please provide more detail about your particular power button issue. For instance...

  • Can you get it to work sometimes but not others?
  • When the screen turns on after rebooting the tablet, can you tell how much battery is left?
  • Does the power button seem loose and/or can you wiggle the button more-so than normal?

Good luck,


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My HP slate 7 beats audio. Won't turn off. My power button is missing. How do I fix it. I need to reset it. Don't know password.


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