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Modell A1103 / 1.25, 1.33, 1.42, oder 1.5 GHz G4-Prozessor

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Word and Excel need virtual memory turned on.

I have OS X 10.3.9 and classic 9.2.2 installed on my mac mini power pc. When I open word or excel I am prompted, Word cannot load the Microsoft office 98 shared libraries. In the memory control panel make sure virtual memory is turned on.

When I open the classic system profiler I see virtual memory is turned off, is there a way to turn it on. Will this solve the problem and get Office 98 working again?


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In system 9 go to your Controls Panel, under the Apple in the upper left hand corner - Memory and turn it on. You can also expand the amount of memory allocated to an application by clicking on the apps icon once and go under File to Get info and raise the preferred memory.

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You may work with word files by using of word fix

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Work with word files owing to xlsm repair tool

Read http://www.xlsmrepair.xlsrepairtoolbox.c...

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