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OWC SSD sandforce 200026BB

I have a late 2012 Mac mini that came with 8 GB RAM & 500 GB HD. I added a OWC 120 GB SSD (Mercury Elektra) for the OS and Apps.

Everything was fine for a couple of years, so the other morning I turned it on and all I got was a folder with the question mark! I did a bunch of tests, in the recovery mode under Disk Utility the drive shows: 33kb sand force 200026BB

So my question here is: Is the SSD dead? And can I recover anything from it?

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same. Bummer.


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Sadly, the SSD maybe gone.

I would recommend you contact OWC to see if they have any ideas on recovering your drive. They may have a SSD firmware update which might fix things, otherwise you'll need to get a new drive (they may cover it under warranty).

Hopefully you have a good backup of anything important. If not, to recover any files if you can you'll need to first have a bootable system and then a means to connect the SSD independently to it.

I would put in a spare drive replacing the SSD, then use something like this: Startech 2.5" SATA to USB adapter to connect the SSD when I was ready to try to recover the files from it. That way I could get the system up and running using OS recovery services. Or, I would plug in a bootable external drive (Thunderbolt, FireWire or USB) that I already have setup as a bootable drive (A 16 GB USB thumb drive will work as well). If you have access to a second Mac system you could create that following this Apple T/N: How to install OS X on an external drive connected to your Mac.

Then using a good file recovery app like: Prosoft - Data Rescue installed on the spare internal drive I put in or the external drive boot drive to see if I could recover anything important on the SSD.

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I did what you suggested and tried a couple of recovery software but sadly I couldn't recover any files, so I contacted owc and they offered to replace the ssd, luckily I didn't lose any important work (that I recall)


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well, i contacted OWC and they offered to replace the ssd, so for one part i appreciate the service and i have a new ssd, and for the other part i didn't recover my data, luckily it wasn't all that important.

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