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Eine TV Spielekonsole von Sony Entertainment, angekündigt am 20. Februar 2013 und herausgegeben am 15. November 2013.

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Faulty open button after teardown

I took my PS4 apart to clean out the fan and apply some better thermal paste. All successful, the device powers on and plays games nice and quiet now.

The only problem is the "open" button doesn't work any more. When touching it the CD doesn't eject. I've managed to eject discs by using the manual screw method, but would really like the button to work properly.

I've noticed on the inside of the lower casing there is a small metal contact that seems like it should make contact with something else. I've tried beinding it out a bit and putting it back together, but still doesn't work.

Has anyone had this issue or have any ideas?

Many thanks.

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That metal piece you see contacts the copper pad on the green board on the disc drive. You need to bend it until it makes contact with that pad. I sometimes use a sharpie to color the metal pad then see the where the metal contact goes when I put the case on (there will be a line in the ink). That will tell you which way it needs to be bent.

Hope this helps..good luck!

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You can eject the disc by pressing triangle then select remove disc

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