Does anyone know meaning of Xperia LED signals?

The problem of my phone seems to be in main flex, but it is more general question. We (who repairs Sony) all know what triple vibration means, etc. But what about LED signals while phone is off and connecting to charger?

My situation: when I plug main flex and battery and then charger, LED turns red. It can be red for hours and battery is not charging actually. When I disconnect battery and plug in charger, LED performs exactly the same. When I disconnect main flex from motherboard (with battery connected) and plug in charger, LED turn red, then for a moment turns off, then on again, waits for 3-4 seconds and turns off forever. Battery still not charging.

So, maybe someone knows what this 'on - off - on for 3 seconds - off' means?

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Have you tried another battery? Is there any physical damage on the charging port?

I had Sony Xperia Z a few days ago with blinking red LED and no display. Turns out the battery was just critically low and needed to charge more.

Battery voltage was 2.7V so I just let it charge for longer and once it hit 3.7v the phone turned on and showed the battery charging when it's powered off on the screen which meant the battery was charging all good so I turned on the phone and made sure that the battery percentage in the battery screen was at least 5-10% close to the reported battery percentage when the phone is on.

Because if it is way off when you compare both then you most likely have a faulty battery reporting incorrect % or just a worn out battery which needs to be replaced with a good one.


Hi Ben.

Thanks for suggestion. I have external power supply and what I usually do first is checking battery for voltage. And yes, mine was at 0V and I charged it by my power supply to 3.7V. Nothing changed, absolutely nothing :(

So, I decided that maybe someone here knows these signals for sure because phone is trying to say me something, but I don't understand it :)


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