Power Button not working after liquid damage and keyboard replacement


Does anyone know why the power button may not be working?

The MacBook experienced alcoholic liquid damage which destroyed the original LogicBoard and Battery. This resulted in the original battery and Logicboard being replaced. Once the battery and LogicBoard were replaced, The MacBook would power on once the charger was connected to mains power and once the battery was charged, it could run without a charger and just on battery power.

However, the power button didn't work.

This resulted in me replacing the original keyboard and power button that is connected to the keyboard. Once I had put everything back together, The new power button still wouldn't turn on the device....

Can anyone please help as I have completely run out of ideas on how to fix this fault!

Thank you.

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Oliver. What will it do now? Any sounds, lights, anything? What was the source of your part? Did you replace the keyboard or the upper case?


It turns on when the charger is connected but the power button still doesn't work, continues to work on battery power also.

I just recently replaced the keyboard. I have replaced the upper case, does this need to also be replaced?


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