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cant connect to home wifi

For quite sometime, i used lan (wired connection) for my laptop (win8). Then i bought a new router and after i set up the wifi, my laptop did not see my connection. I tried to connect to my home wifi using different phones and tablets but they work out fine. I have also done basic troubleshooting updating drivers and so on... But still laptop wont connect to wireless. I tried plugging back in the lan but net works just fine. I tried other laptops but my network did not show up either.

When i connect to other wifi, pocket wifi, hotspots, office and publiv wifi, i can easily connect.

I would appreciate any solution. I like to work on any part of our house with my laptop.

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Hi, What frequency have you got your WiFi set to, 2.4GHz or 5 GHz? Can your laptop receive both frequencies? Really stupid question but have you 'hidden' your WiFi router's SSID? What is the router's make and model number and your laptop model number? How far away from the router are you when you try the laptop and the phones that do connect?


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As @jayeff said, it sounds like your router is not set in a way compatible with your laptop. Since you said your router was "new" then it might be an "AC" router and not set up to allow fallbacks to older types of wifi. Try going back into the router configuration and under wireless you should find a setting or dropbox that has "ac" in it. Try setting it to something like "b/g" or "n" or "b/g/n". The exact menu will be specific to your router. Also see if you can force the router to only use 2.4GHz frequency. This will force compatibility with your laptop if the laptop is an older model and cannot handle the newer wifi modes.

Best of luck

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