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Repair information and disassembly guides for laptops manufactured by Haier.

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black spots appeared on screen

black spots appeared on screen . what to do?

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Try the following:

1. Is your screen clean? Switch off your laptop and with a dry lint free cloth gently wipe over the screen and see if the spots are removed. If only some are gone use a barely moist (almost dry) cloth and see if that removes the spots.

2. If cleaning the screen doesn't work, start your laptop in 'safe mode' and see if the spots are still there.

Here is a link that shows how to start your laptop in 'safe mode' (applicable to Win8.1 and Win 10). http://www.howtogeek.com/107511/how-to-b...

3.If the spots are still there in 'safe mode', here is a link that allows you to test colours, especially Red, Blue and Green. Test the Red, Blue and Green colours, (do not worry about testing the other colours) and see in which colour you get the black spots. This indicates which colour pixel is not working. Count the number of spots. If the laptop is still under warranty consult the warranty information documentation that came with the laptop regarding the "dead pixel policy' if any.

4. If the laptop is out of warranty you could try this solution (no guarantees). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_t7qt_fR... If this doesn't work and there are too many dead pixels to put up with, then replace the screen

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you didnt actually put a link to number 3


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It depends. If that black spot is due to dead pixel then there is very little chance that you are going to get rid of it.

For further troubleshooting i think its better to share the snapshot of your screen to get proper instructions.

Regards and Best Wishes.

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