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Das Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 verfügt über ein 5,5 Zoll, 1080 x 1920 Display angetrieben von einem 1,5 GHz Prozessor.

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Is my phone just simply dead?

Hello, today I was just sitting on my couch with my phone playing a game. All of the sudden the phones screen flashed blue and black, made a buzzing sound. This worried me a lot so my first reaction was to force shut down it. The phone would not give any response to any input I made. The only response I got was after I plugged it in the charger, where the LED would flash on and off repetitively (even though sometimes it would just stay on as if it was charging).

All I know is that the phone had about 80% battery and it was as hot as normal. I was not charging and playing simultaneously.

I am seriously dissatisfied with this phone as it is relatively new ( was bought in September 2015).

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Can you try to claim warranty repairs on it from the shop you bought it from? Some places will try harder to push this through than others :-)


@automotive I have already used up my warranty on another issue this phone had. :/


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ihad this problemwhen my phone had water in it .i just left it to charge over night.

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I have the same problem please help me. only thing I know about this problem is that phone CPU is dead is there any online shops where can I buy new or replaced one? ( phone CPU is Octa Core (1.5 GHz + 1 GHz) (6045K/6045Y/6045B/6045I)

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