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The half of my touchscreen doesn't work

The middle of my touchscreen doesn't work. How can i make it work?

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It is design problem with digitiser I thing. I have bought my Ulephone power in April and in begining of July send it to China for waranty repair. They send it back, but they are so luneticks that display was not well sticked and I have to repair it well, after month using appears same smptoms again. No idea why. Some fields of digitiser are low sensitive download touch screen tester and when U moving faster with finger on glass, U can easily see whitch fields are afected. I am wory to replace another digitiser because I do not know what is causing this problem. Also services@ulefone.com will tell U only to send your device to seller. I am prity sure that they also do not know why it is causing.


Well, same here, I have being having desame issue since last two month this year, while I bought it last year February.

Ulefone p6000 plus, after last year, well this was my first time having issue with my phone, the middle of my phone screen touches automatically, likewise malfunction, and still no cracks on the screen guard, so I thought it was the phone, that there was virus and then I formated the phone, and it was still there, still touching. I removed the screen guard and still thesame, and now I can't even use it for anything else expect hotspot my new phone every time.


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It sounds like you have affected your LCD somehow. Without having the device in front of me to fully diagnose I would have to infer that you need a new screen or a component might need to be adjusted/ replaced for it to function properly. Your best bet is to find a local repair place in your area for a full diagnostic.

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Are you a shill for Device Savers Repair Shops?


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