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A family-oriented, 10" Android tablet released in 2013.

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battery replacement on the kurio 10s. Where do I get new batteries?

I like your instructions on how to replace the batteries in the Kurio 10s. My problem is locating replacements. Where can I get new batteries?

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The Ifixit guide on how to replace the battery in your tablet shows that the battery has the following voltage and capacity parameters: 3.7V 7000mAH with the dimensions of 4mm x 109mm x 140mm. I'm assuming that your's will be the same

Kurio 10S Battery Replacement (scroll to Step 6 and click on the image to enlarge it. The number 40109140 refers to the dimensions).

I cannot find an exact replacement but have found the following battery which should be suitable to use. It has the same voltage and capacity of 3.7V and 7000mAH but it is slightly smaller in length and width 106mm x 97mm but it is 4.5mm in depth as opposed to the 4.0mm of the original, which should not pose a problem I think. You should be able to hold it in place with the holding bracket and the judicious placement of some strong adhesive tape.



The picture of the item at the top of the page in the link shows that it is even smaller (4mm x70mm x95mm that's why I initially thought to suggest it because of the 4mm depth) but it must just be for 'display' purposes because when you scroll down to the description of the item it shows a differently dimension-ed battery (size mentioned earlier). If you decide to go ahead with this replacement option, I suggest that you verify with the seller the exact dimensions of the battery before you purchase it. You especially do not want the battery to be too much deeper, if at all. With length and width you have a bit of room to manouevre.

Hopefully this is of some help

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