No power with charged battery.

After much searching, I can't quite find the right answer. Here is what is going on.

The system does not power on at all. When I hit the power button, the MagSafe LED indicator goes from orange to green for about 10 secs then back to orange. It is charging the battery based on the battery indicator LEDs, but absolutely no response from the computer otherwise. No sounds, no other lights. The power adapter is 85w.

What I have done so far:

Pulled the cover off and reseated all the cables. Reseated the RAM. Swapped places with the RAM. Unplugged battery, held down power button, plugged in MagSafe still holding power button and nothing. When the battery is out, MagSafe has solid green LED. Reset the NVRAM and SMC. When I reset the SMC, the MagSafe indicator turns green for 3-5 secs then back to orange. When I hit power button afterwards, it turns green for 10 secs then back to orange.

I'm out of ideas. I'm trying to prevent a whole logic board replacement or taking it to the Apple Store for them to fix.

System ID:

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