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How do I get my turntable to rotate

I have a Hotpoint Over the Counter Microwave. Model RVM1625SJ01

SERIAL FG902713 B...Turntable stopped working a month ago.

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Although the carousel is usually driven by a small motor that's unrelated to the heating function of the microwave, the microwave cabinet needs to be opened to repair it. So we recommend that you seek the assistance of a qualified appliance repair technician. Inspect the plastic drive coupling that the tray sits on, as well as the ring-and-roller assembly, to make sure that they're working properly.

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My Panasonic Microwave was really easy to fix. On the bottom there's a metal panel that is almost punched out. It's hanging on by a couple of metal tags that can be cut with side cutters (wire cutters if you like) Simply snip these on three sides and bend back the panel to reveal the turntable motor. Take out the couple of screws holding the motor and it falls out. Replacement motor costs less than £10.

I just taped the metal cover back down with some aluminium duct tape. You could use large (short) self tapping screws to do the same.

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