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A point-and-shoot camera by Nikon released in March of 2004.

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Internal battery replacement by owner

How do I change the internal battery on the 3200?

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The internal battery is replaceable, but although it is not difficult it does need a fair degree of technical competence and electronic servicing tools.

The part number of the battery is ML614. The original in my camera was branded 'Sanyo'. The version with surface mount tags is needed. (The cost is around$5.00)

It is at the bottom left corner of the main circuit board. The two solder connections are easy to get at with a small soldering iron.

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if you talking about the batterys that make the camera turn on, theres a little switch on the bottom that you slide and the cover opens up and the batterys are in there, There is no internal battery to my knowlage

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There is indeed a very small (6.8mm x 1.4mm, 2.3mAh, rechargeable, Li) internal battery. It is charged by the battery(s) that run the camera. RTFM! :-) When this fails (with age) the internal clock and preferences have to be reset. Most digital cameras have one, in some large models it is user replaceable but in small models it needs a soldering iron and skill.


Perhaps I should make it clear that the 'reset' I mentioned above has to be done every time the main batteries are changed when internal battery fails. The camera works normally otherwise.


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