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Die Xbox 360 ist die zweite Spielekonsole der Firma Microsoft und erschien in Europa am 2. Dezember 2005.

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Clarification on RROD repair kit

So I'm pretty excited about that RROD kit you guys made- but just one thing to clarify- will this kit properly repair an Xbox that's already RROD'd?

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I dont have any experience with iFixit's particular repair kit, but I can tell you that the RROD can definitely be repaired. I have successfully repaired 3 X-Boxes with these kits. Give it a shot.

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Sounds good to me +


That's what I was looking for, I wasn't sure if there was a way back after the logic board was warped- I may start buying those cheap RROD xbox's off ebay and repairing them/reselling. I <3 iFixit


LOL, I got my kits for $2.99 and charged $100 for each repair which were pretty easy and straight-forward.


Wow- where do you get 2.99 kits? iFixit's kit is 10 times that,

though I guess a lot of it's just the tools, after that it's just heat sinks, tp, screws &washers, and thermal pads


Just put X-Clamp Repair kit on the search column on eBay. Yeah, the eBay ones have no tools included, just some generic thermal paste, Bolts, Screws< and washers.


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having just repaired an xbox using an ebay kit and following the repair guide on here have had no problems. ebay kit lacked the pads for back of heat sink(which is used in ifixit guide), used an unknown paste and the "instructions" were difficult to say the least. I bought arctic silver 5-after much searching for what people recommended. the guide on here is pretty &%!! thorough. I'd recommend the xbox opening tool... it's a real pain opening one of the panels without it

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I used to repair Xbox's for a living due to being ill and not allowed out of the house. I repaired every one that had not been previously repaired (over 100) with similar kits but only ever used 'Arctic Silver 5 paste'.

This is by far the best site for instructions.

NO, these kits are not guaranteed to last. Some Xbox's I have repaired lasted over 16 months, others only days if that. If you do decide to try this yourself, invest in a proper 'opening tool' and a decent Screwdriver set with 'Torx Accessories' I use the 'Draper 31 piece precision set' - stock no: 09550 that I bought off 'Amazon' and is great for changing the lasers as well. Infact I use it all around the house, and on my VW Golf.

If your logic board or 'Mother Board' is warped, or you want a 'guaranteed to last a while' solution, you need to have your 'Mother Board' RE-Balled. You could go down the road of a RE-Flow, but it wont last as long. The machine used to complete these repairs costs around £1000.00 Sterling, so the repair costs are around £50.00 + cost of shipping both ways.

I just thought you might like a professionals opinion and not just some youngster that got lucky - I am in my 60's and have been repairing electronics for 30 years.

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There are plenty of issues with the XBOX that cause the RROD, in all it's forms. After working with my lab's wiring shop to try and fix a 1stgen XBOX with 3 light RROD, we tried the following...

1. New PS unit.

2. Removed Xclamps and refastened with machine screws and new heatsink compound.

3. Reflowed board twice using our own method (as it was not recommended by our guys to heat both sides of the board, as there are several resistor packs on the underside that may become dislodged ).


4. Replaced several of the 2200uf capacitors on the logic board... that more than anything else, got the Xbox to respond better... check those caps !

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