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Repair guides for Android smart phones manufactured by Wiko.

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I can't receive or make any call from my android phone

Help me to reset my phon I can't make any call

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Please I have a problem in my phone wiki Robby the signal of card sim don't haven't in my phone. I trys this card in other phone it works normally so how I can fix it. This problem


My Samsung j3 won't dial out ,it say dialing but nothing happens


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your phone touch working ?? if not working plz change touch......if others problem plz write details...


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I have got a similar problem. I can't answer my phone when using whats app. I can hear it ringing. Yes.

In normal mode, so regular calls, I have no problem answering. I can hear the other person loud and clear.


i can hear my phone ringing but cannot see who is calling. though will see the missed call...kindly assist


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