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Veröffentlicht im März 2016. Modell: SM-G930V.

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S7 rear camera is not working after screen replacement

Repair was completed by a third party - initial problem was a non-working LCD from a drop; everything else works fine (tested in diagnostics)

Tried every software based solution (e.g. settings reset, reboot, cache deletion).

As tested in diagnostics, front camera works but rear camera says "camera failure".

No physical damage on the camera at all. Would this just be a disconnected cable?

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Yes, a loose or partly connected flex could be an issue. This problem should be solved by the third party you mentioned. The fault can only be theirs. No doubt, it's a hardware issue.

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I also have this exact same issue, I will look into getting the repair shop to fix it. Will they have to replace the screen again or is it possible to work on it without repairing it?

Also my recent tabs button is also not working after they "repaired" it. When it was broken the light still came on and now it will not. Is it possible that this is also a hardware issue?

Thanks for any help


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