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Modell A1285 / 8 oder 16 GB Speicher

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Buttons Non Responsive - But Will Restet and Shuffle?

An 8GB iPod, 4th Gen.

The wheel does not work for single clicks, scrolls, volume, skip songs etc.

It does shuffle and play music when you shake it and i can reset it by holding menu+center button

It is fully charged, a hardware issue, and NOT ON HOLD!


When plugged into my speakers all the buttons work again. This doesn't happen when i plug it into anything else including recharger and computer.

Someone recommended i take it apart and reconstruct the inside but feel a bit dodgy about that - however if this is the only way i will give it a go!

Any further questions, please ask

And answers will be greatly appreciated!


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this issue has been raised before: Click Wheel works for restart, but not single button. there are other threads aswell but i cannot find them at present.

There doesnt seem to be a clear solution, although some people have had success taping the connector down or cleaning it with IPA solvent

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What do you mean by 'the connector'?

Interesting ideas, ill have to try them out. I have found similar issues yet none that are resolved when plugged into something, ahaa


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