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The a7R II (model no. ILCE‑7RM2) is Sony's 2015 revision to their full-frame, mirrorless, interchangeable-lens camera.

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Stripped triPod mount on Sony A7s 2

Hi! The tripod screw holder mount thing on my A7s 2 got stripped, I've been looking everywhere for the replacement part but I can't find any. Can anybody help?

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Sony a7s ii tripod mount for the camera where can i buy one thanks


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Just wondering if this would be compatible with your model.


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Hi! Thanks a lot for replying in such short notice! Unfortunately no, it does look a lot like the part I need but they changed it a bit, it is a different part. I had already seen that post. I don't think it will work.

Thanks anyways!


Hello, Did you manage to find the part in the end?

I am in the same boat!



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Sony a7s ii tripod mount for the camera does someone knows where can i buy this thanks

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