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Das iPad Mini 4 mit der Modellnummer A1583 hat die gleiche Power wie das iPad Air 2 in kleinerem Format. Es wurde am 9. September 2015 angekündigt.

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iPad Mini 4 poweron

My iPad mini 4 does not power on anymore. I received the iPad mini 4 from Donors Choose. I am a teacher and at the end of each day I lock up the iPad. When I come in the morning I take it out of my closet and use it. Only I use it. My students use the school's ipads.

This time I came in the classroom and tries to power it on and it didn't. I tried multiple outlets, different usb cords and adapters, and even tried charging it on my laptop. Nothing has powered it on. I feel it get hot when I was charging it for about an hour.

I don't know what the problem is? Please help!

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Getting hot is a sign of a problem with the charging system. Usually its a filter/fuse that blows, making it so the iPad doesn't know how much charge the battery has. The iPad thinks the battery is dead, so it sends full current to it, but the battery is full and so it starts to heat up.

It is fixable but it does require micro soldering skills and equipment.

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Try holding down your sleep/wake button + home button for about 15 seconds. See if that resets it.

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