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Der Game Boy kam am 21. April 1989 in Japan auf den Markt, dann am 31. Juli 1989 in Nordamerika und schließlich am 28. September 1990 in Europa. Er ist erkennbar an einem großen grauen Gehäuse und der Modellnummer DMG-01

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ideas for parts on dmg 1 gameboy

Block Image

Block Image

i have a corroded main board. any ideas for parts

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@coleeau depends on where and what is corroded. You can try and clean the corrosion but without seeing what you danage you have, there is no way to suggest any parts. Post an image of what you see with your question. Use this guide Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen to post images.


@coleeau take some closer images of the actual board. We need to see if the traces are still intact.


i got a main board on ebay.

also the gameboy was tested and confirmed not working.

thanks anyways


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Since the device is confirmed not working, take a moment and test out something. The best way to clean the corrosion off of metal is to soak it in a shallow bath of distilled white vinegar. The blue corrosion should bubble and be removable in a few moments.

Clean it with a toothbrush and then give it a shallow bath in rubbing alcohol. Once you've done that, again, clean it up with the toothbrush and see what kind of damage you have to the traces and components. It could be savalagable or completely scraped but worth the good learning experience.

If you have time, give it a shot and see what happens. I'd be interested in finding out.

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