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The Mac Pro First Generation is an Intel Xeon-based workstation computer manufactured by Apple Inc. The first generation model includes the machines from 2006 through 2008.

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U.FL broke off bluetooth module, stripped screw trying to replace

the uf.l connector on my mac pro 2008 came off the bluetooth module board

I tried to unscrew the module to replace it because I wated to add wifi so i need to swich to the 123 antennas instead of the BT antena so it didn't matter if there was the broken off uf.l connector in the end of the cable.

I stripped the screw and i cant get it out.

any suggestions

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Is the Screw in a stand off in the case or is the screw hole part of the mother board? Because if it is a standoff then I would turn off and unplug the computer and take apart the computer so that I could drill the head of the screw off. Making sure to get all medal shavings (and I mean all medal shavings because you do not want any medal shavings to fall onto the main board anywhere and you not get them all), and later turn on the unit and short something. Then I would remove the standoff and put in a new standoff. Then put it back together.

If the screw is in the mainboard then you will need some wire cutters and grab the screw head with them and try to unscrew it using the wire cutters to hold the screw and try to brute force it out. Being careful to not slip or hurt yourself or the equipment. Pliers could work also but you need something with a good grip. Vice grips if they are the right size could work also.

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the screw goes through the bluetooth module into a standoff that goes into the motherbaord


You could take the card off by unscrewing the standoff and outside the computer you can get some tools and try wrenching the screw out of the standoff, while keeping a hold of the standoff with a Vice Grip and the srew head with a pliers or another vice grip while trying to not hurt the wireless card.


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