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Repair and support for the 2015 version of the Google-produced laptop line, the Chromebook Pixel. This newer version improves the processing power, battery life and add new features to the 2013 model.

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Chromebook Pixel 2013 LCD & Touchscreen replacement guide


I've recently bought a Chromebook Pixel 2013 with smashed touchscreen. The LCD isn't working either (it does output via displayport so the machine is working), so I've bought a combined LCD/Touchscreen glass unit from China via ebay.

There's no visible screws to remove the present touchscreen / LCD and trying to chip out bits of the touchscreen glass to see underneath results in a lot of tiny shards flying everywhere. I'm assuming it's glued down but feel a bit reticent about taking a heat gun to it and damaging the LCD chassis / top frame.

Would any of the smart boffins on this site be able to advise as to the best way to replace it? I've tried searching various forums and Youtube, but the teardowns are mostly the mainboard / chassis etc rather than touchscreen LCD.

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I bought a similarly broken one cheap, and the best way I've found to get the screen out is to open the laptop as far as it will go and slip a credit card or similar slim hard plastic piece into the bottom of the glass from the keyboard. There is a double sided tape strip that goes pretty much around the entire border of the glass, but it is easiest to start removing it from the bottom. I was attempting to use the iFixit screen remover, but that only got me part-way. It is handy to have their large locking suction cups for pulling out the main glass portion if it is mostly intact after you get the edges loose.

I have a newer iFixit repair kit in addition to the screen repair kit and the small wedges were handy for keeping the edges of the screen I'd already freed up from laying back down and getting stuck again.

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