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Made by GM. It's the eighth generation of a land yacht!

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My car was driving fine going down interstate it hesitates then dies

Driving my car down interstate 79 miles an hour car hesitates then dies now won't start

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ji replaced upper and lower intake gaskets and new throttle body and egr valve 4 sensors and pcv valve ran good for maybe 100 mi then wham just what you described I ckd the vacuum line and it has fuel in it . On my way back to the vehicle (5.7 mi away ). I think, not sure, it might be the fuel vapor solenoid. I'll let ya know !


Hey Stack. What year Bonneville? And what size engine? Also, any changes in performance, troubleshooting or repairs done, etc., recently, or just prior to the incident on the interstate? That'll give us the basics needed to get you some feedback a little quicker. Thanks.


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Are there any check engine lights? Even if there’s no light, try running an OBD scan to see if there are any errors. I think some car shops will scan it for free, but don’t quote me on it. Also, I did some research, and one other possible problem is your fuel pump/fuel pump relay could have failed, therefore the engine is not getting fuel and will not start. Let me know what you find!

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