My iPhone was disabled, I got it repaired but something horrified me!

My iphone was disabled. I got it fixed but when I turned it on,, something REALLY HORRIFIEDme. I was going to have a heart attack. The phone contained all the pictures of brother's childhood, even his picture when he was born and placed under care in the nursery... It contained my photos from the time i was SEVEN!!!!! Everything has been lost. WHAT DO I DO??????? pease help me people. May god send you in heaven and all your wishes come true. PLEASE PLEASE

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Please post a pic of your phone to prove you are not yet another, "iphone data recovery" spammer

Post a pic of your gallery with "ifxit" somewhere in the pic


ok I will but please tell me if such problem can be solved. Secondly I WAS NOT RUNING itnes before the phone got disabed, nor am I now.


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