Red Bull spilled into system, no display


I spilled Red Bull on my Mac A1278 (EMC 2351) and it immediately stop working,

I removed the logic board and I didn't see any damage areas so I clean it with alcohol let it sit and I pulled the connector. I tried to put it back, when I turn the power on the fan start spinning slow the after 3 spinning to full speed with one beep every 5 second so I triad to remove the both RAM modules and installed them back in again but still same issue,

I tried good RAM same thing. Than after continue play with it the beep goes a way but still no display or sound.

I noted that if I disconnect the battery and plug the charger in the logic board won't turn on. But will as long as I reconnect the battery it will power on.

Tried reset the PRAM reset and this is won't fix the issue either.

Also the battery on full charge when I plug the MagSafe charger the LED is Green and If I unplug the battery it turned to Orange.

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Did you see any wetness (Red Bull) anywhere on the logic board or any other locations?

You talk about using alcohol to clean things can you explain more fully how you did it and if you used isopropyl alcohol (85% or better)?


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