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My dell Tablet is not turning on

well when i go to turn on my dell tablet by android it starts up normally then cuts in and out then goes to a black screen is there any way to restart it or do i have to send it some whare to fix it or is it easy to fix and i can do it myself

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Hi, What happens if you start it with the charger connected and switched on?


well when connected to the charger i shows up fine it shows it charging and gaining a charge but when turning it on with the power button it still does the same thing as i posted it will start up fine then flickering like cuting in and out then it just stops showing that it is charging and goes to a black screen with colered lines on the bottem


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It sounds like it is a bad battery that isnt holding a charge. I think it would need to be replaced.

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well maybe but i dont know whare i could buy a battery and for how much and whare can i send it to be replaced or fixed


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