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The Samsung Captivate is a USA-exclusive flagship Android phone in the Galaxy S class of devices, released by Samsung in March 2010 for use on the AT&T network. Identifiable by model number SGH-I897.

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How do you disassemble the phone down to the motherboard?

Does anyone know how to disassemble/tear down this phone? Photos are nice, video is great! I can't find a good guide online and I need it quick to repair some water damage! I can see moisture inside the camera lens, which is normally inacessable.

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Here it is on XDA.

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The Samsung Captivate Motherboard Replacement guide is up on the Samsung Captivate Device page right here on ifixit.

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I used a knife to break apart the whole philips phone for a tech project. I didn't have the right screwdriver, so I had to painstakingly lever up the motherboard out of the things holding it and saw away at the case with a surgical stainless steel breadknife.:/

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