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The Motorola DROID MAXX is the successor to the Motorola DROID RAZR HD.

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location of the esn number

where can i find it on my phone the esn number

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You need to adjust your profile to show your student status if your are one.


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The ESN is not being as used as often as now the number will be either labeled as the IMEI or the MEID. For this phone, this information can be found by the following steps:

- Go to your apps from your home screen (tap the six square icon in the middle at the bottom of the screen)

- Go to 'Settings'

- Scroll all the way to the bottom to 'About Phone'

- Tap 'Status'

- Scroll midway down to 'IMEI'

Hopefully this is the information you need!

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Just curious: Are you working on a project for a class? Not trying to insult you in any way, just very curious.

And you can blame the OP's bad phrasing on people like me who have been in the business for too long. We use ESN interchangeably with IMEI and MEID. I work for a major phone distributor and we still say ESN any time we are referring to a phone's identifier. Its just habit.


Hello Josh,

Yes I am a student currently and am partaking in an iFixit project.

Regarding your statement on the use of ESN vs. IMEI and MEID, I found that, after conducting research, for most phone distributors now, the ESN (which I found that can be used interchangeably with IMEI and MEID) term is not used as often. Hence, why for this question, I said that the information he may be seeking can be found under the term's IMEI and MEID.

I may have mis-worded my answer with saying that ESN is not being used as often. The numbers are just being categorized under IMEI or MEID more likely now and looking for the IMEI and MEID terms may help the user asking the question.


Oh your answer was spot on. I was just saying that a lot of us still use it out of habit. Everything is based on the IMEI now but us old timers can't be bothered to say the right terms. We are that lazy :)

I'd be really interested to hear about your project. I think it's great that helping real people with real questions is part of a project. I like hearing about things like that.


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