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A home coffee brewer, released in 2011, manufactured by Keurig. Repair for this device is similar to all other Keurig models.

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Why did my coffee machine fry a second transformer?

my B60 worked fine until a two weeks ago and then would not turn on found out it was a bad transformer got new one put it in turned on the coffee maker worked fine all day but the next morning did not come on at all think the transformer is gone again did not see any leaks of water and the machine worked fine for the first day so before i put in another transformer i would like to find out why it did it a second time i am sure their is something else overloading the transformer can any one help

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Here is an image of the circuit of a Keureg B70. I believe that it may not be too different to the B60.

In any event it may give you a bit of an idea of what to look for.

If the transformer is burning out then there must to too much current flow through it. It maybe for example that the heater element is shorting to earth.

With the power removed from the appliance and the secondary line and neutral wires disconnected from the transformer start tracing from those wires through the circuit and using an Ohmmeter do point to point measurements and also test if there is any low resistance connection between the active (line) and earth (or ground) or the neutral and ground until you find the problem.

Block Image

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