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Model A1297 Unibody: Early 2009, Mid 2009, Mid 2010, Early 2011 & Late 2011

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tip of the headphones jack stuck inside with superglue

Hi i'm in Peru. I have a macbook pro uni-body. The tip of the headphones got stuck inside in my desperation i took it to a pc service and they tried to take the tip pasting it with another piece with super glue, now is dead. There is no sound from the speakers and no option to switch it in the output from headphones to speakers.

1st i wanna know if its possible to change the piece of the headphones in without changing the main board.

2nd i know that switching the output from headphones to speakers is a software thing cause when i start the computer the booonnggg sound came out from the speakers so there must be an option to change from headphones to speakers via software.

thnx for your help

My email rufiansk8@gmail.com

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Please keep your questions kid-friendly. I edited the swearing out of your post this time because it's a good question. Next time it will be removed. We love the good questions, but it's gotta be clean for everyone.


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First try hard to remove it using fine pliers if that doesn't work it might be possible to desolder the headphone port from the motherboard and resolder a new one but I don't know where you'd find the jack. This would also be a professional job.

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If it still has plastic on it, you can try lighting a ground wire and put it on the broken piece for a minute or 5 and take it out slowly.

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