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if the card doesnt read in camera wat must do

if the sd card reader doest work means wat to do

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havinash, the memory card may need to be formatted. I will post a link to Sony 6000 help guide, page #307 will explain formatting card.


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Few things you might like to try :

1) reformat the card to ordinary FAT [16bit], not to FAT32

2) insert the card and and the fully charged battery in and switch the camera on. Leave it switched on for 10 minutes. If that doesn't cure the problem?

3) repeat the above procedure (as per item 2), but at the end of 10 minutes waiting time, pull the battery out, whilst the camera is switched on. Wait for 2 minutes, then switch the camera off. Then reinsert the battery and switch the camera back on. The camera will go through the hard reset procedure and hopefully liven up the card slot in process. You might have to check and reset your menu as well.

For more tips refer to Sony A6000 Manual.

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