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Why is my radio not getting the a.m. radio stations

I am trying to get the a.m. stations on my g.e. radio and they come in for a few seconds and then they are gone

Update (10/16/2016)

3-5624a is the model number

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Hi, What is the model number of the radio? Have the AM stations worked properly before with the radio in its' present location? Do you know how far away the radio station transmitter actually is from your location, not that you are trying to tune in to a radio station that has a weak signal due to its' distance from you?


@kjoann86 how clear do they come in? What time of day have you tried? Nights/Days? Do you get AM stations on other radios?


Where do you live? Are there mountains around you? Are you getting FM signals OK?


To jayeff, the model number is 3-5624a.

To oldturkey03 I listen to my radio at night and no I haven't tried other radios as in alarm clocks

And to mayer I live in Nebraska I get FM signals perfect.

I bought it from a thrift store and the antenna tip is broken, so I doubt its that.

I'll try my alarm clock in a few minutes


Ok cool, I will try that an see what happens


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@kjoann86 transitor radios started using an internal antenna for the AM signal. FM signal is captured through the external one, that in your case has the broken tip. For some stations and locations the internal antenna just is not strong enough to receive a good signal. I would start off by trying to move the radio to a different location to see if that increase the signal strength. If that is not possible then I'd consider an external AM antenna There are a few AM antennas commercially available or your can simply build your own. There are some decent general instruction about AM reception on here.

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