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A simple, straight to the point, cell phone released by Nokia in 2005.

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Mic is not working on calls

When I am in calling my voice is blurred and not hear anything to the caller.but I can hear their voice.i think the mic is problem what to do ?

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Try using the earphones with the microphone attachment.

If you cannot be heard properly when using the microphone attachment either then there is a problem with the voice transmission circuitry of the phone and it will need to be repaired (if it is still possible to get parts) by a reputable professional phone repair service.

If you can be heard properly by the other person then most probably there is a problem with the microphone.

It may be loose off the circuit board, it may just be faulty itself or perhaps it may be that the small hole at the bottom of the phone which allows the voice to travel to the microphone is blocked with lint or dust.

Use a strong light and a magnifying glass to inspect the hole for blockage. If it appears to be blocked, do not use a pin or similar to free the blockage you may damage the microphone which is directly behind it. Use a vacuum cleaner and try to suck out the obstruction. Use short sharp bursts. Do not use a prolonged action as again this may damage the microphone.

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