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The Parrot Hydrofoil Orak, manufactured by Parrot SA, is a dual purpose minidrone that both flies and attaches to a boat chassis for fun in the sky and the sea.

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Can't get drone to connect to the app

The FreeFlight Mini app doesn't seem to recognize my Parrot Hydrofoil Orak and will not connect through bluetooth. Any suggestions?

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I have the same problem with my Parrot Mambo. It works with controller and with Android 4.2, but not with my Android 6 and Android 7 phone. The drone has the newest firmware and the app is new from the play store :-/


Hi any update i got latest version IOS on iphone 6s first time i connected to phone, next time i use android tablet and from then i cant connect iphone anymore with the patriot AR drone 2.0 elite edition. How resolved this?!


can any one help i bought a SG907 drone it wont fly cause it wont connect to the app im using hfun pro and when it does connect it works well so any ideas or different app that will work or am i missing some thing?


I have the same problem with nu SG907 Max

Wont connectie to nu nee iphone12 Pro,

But in my Android Phone it will connect.

And That phone is not 5G.....


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Hey Matt,

Chances are that this is a result of outdated software. A quick fix would be to confirm you have the latest version of the FreeFlight Mini application on your smartphone. If you do and there is still a failed connection then there is probably an outdated version of the firmware for the minidrone itself. You can find the instructions for updating your firmware in our troubleshooting page. Hope this helps out

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Hi I know this is a really old post..but I've been searching because I had trouble connecting my hydrofoil drone. Fly pad would connect via free flight mini app but it wouldn't connect to the drone. Discovered LOCATION needs to be turned ON on your smartphone....and then it connected ok...this is just for info :) hope it helps someone else.


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The problem was becose i lock up “pare” device android, becose of that on iphone not works anymore the connecting wifi. Now is ok! :)

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